Dear Readers,

Welcome to our first Initiating Coverage Report. This report was constructed to offer an introduction into the Semiconductor Industry with a detailed analysis of major competitors. In particular, we took a detailed look at major semiconductor manufacturers including Intel, Qualcomm, ARM Holdings, NVIDIA, Advanced Micro Devices and Texas Instruments. Industry revenue is projected to grow at roughly 1.7% annualized for the next 5yrs offering great opportunity with the adoption of VR, IoT and wearable technology. That being said, fierce international competition still forms a competitive landscape offering multiple firms huge growth prospects in emerging markets, whereas corresponding developed markets converge in smartphone and PC sales. Within this report our favourite pick has been Intel (INTC), offering a great buy at a discount valuation (using comparables) and with a strong foundation to extend its outreach to international buyers for semiconductors, microchips and processors. Stay tuned in the coming weeks where we will do an in depth pitch on Intel.

Thank you,

Anwar Khan & Waseem Manan